What Parents Say?

I was attracted to Iyad Perdaus' strong values in pre-school education. My eldest daughter graduated in 2009 with a solid foundation in literacy and numeracy for primary school education. Years later, I placed my two children Amzar Hanafi and Anisa Hana in Iyad, and I can still see and feel the warmth and compassion of the educators to deliver the best curriculum content. Iyad not only emphasizes on academic achievements from each child but also focuses on the importance of self-awareness and social skills. Alhamdulillah, my children are so fortunate to have such caring teachers and when I see them looking forward to go to school each day, I know that Iyad is the place for them to be.
Mdm Hasrinah Mohd Hussain
Parent of Amzar Hanafi (K1 Jovial) and Anisa Hana (N1 Harmony) , Iyad perdaus Jurong East
My two elder children have been in Iyad Perdaus Hougang since 2013. Among the factors that I like about Iyad is their structured developmental programmes specially crafted suitable for the various age groups, based on the rightful needs of children in those ages. Iyad pays careful attention in the type of programmes and activities, and these add on to the many innovative and meaningful programmes for my children. I was amazed when my children were exposed to doing Brain Gym movements like the Hook-up. My wife and I feel calm and safe to leave our children in the hands of the trusted teachers when we are out to work. In fact, the value-laden learning that is available in Iyad impressed me when my children went home singing soulful songs. Great exposure! The parental involvement activities planned and conducted by the centre were my most memorable memory, especially during the learning journey to The City. Such opportunities give great visioning for the kids from young; to grow up to be people who contribute back to the society in any form.
Muhammad Hafiz Bin Noorahman
Parent of Mulhim Bin Muhammad Hafiz, Bilal Bin Muhammad Hafiz & Ulfah Binti Muhammad Hafiz , Iyad PERDAUS Hougang